"The Epitome of healthy hair and skin"

Eukivi Hair Growth Oil /Promo user code: GROWTHNOW


Eukivi Hair Growth Oil, is a deep penetrating blend of natural oils and nutrients formulated to calm and soothe a dry, itchy, sore and irritated scalp. It moisturizes and stimulates the scalp, while soothing and calming the scalp for relief. Great for growing your edges back. It is ideal for braids, extensions, dreads, sew-ins, natural hair, chemically treated hair and protective styles. It helps to relieve common scalp problems and helps to promote growth and healthy hair. It leaves your scalp feeling very refresh.

**Dermatologist Tested **Fragrance-Free** Dye-Free**

Scalp/Skin Benefits:

  • Soothes the scalp 
  • Helps to reduce flaking
  • Cools and stimulates the scalp
  • Helps to promote hair growth

Key Ingredients: Castor Oil, Vitamin E, Olive Oil and Coconut Oil


  1. Apply Eukivi Hair Growth Oil to the scalp/skin, parting throughout the head
  2. Massage Eukivi Hair Growth Oil into scalp, focusing on affected areas 
  3. Do not squeeze the tube very hard due to the product liquid form. It will spread across the scalp.
4.0 oz