"The Epitomy of healthy hair and skin"
  • Amor Body Oil



    Amor Body Oil is an all natural skin and hair oil made of raw ingredients. It's made of 100% natural ingredients. Amor contains lots of vitamins and special ingredients that's great for your hair and skin. Its non greasy and leaves no residue on your skin,tub or clothes. Amor is free of mineral oil, water, gluten and parabens. Its very light and does not weigh your hair down when applied for styling. It can be applied to wet or dry skin and hair. YES WE SAID HAIR AND SKIN. IT'S A NATURAL PRODUCT!  Amor helps to improve dry spots, dark marks and stretch marks. Amor will replenish your dry dull skin and hair. This product can be used for the whole family. Give it a try. Your body will love you for it!

    Contains: Coconut, Lavender, Jojoba, Argan, Olive Oil and lots of vitamins along with other natural raw ingredients. 

    8oz bottle


    Ruby, Memphis, Tn.
        I use this product every day. I will never use anything else. 

    Stephanie, Dallas, TX.
        I was very amaze at how this product had my body feeling. It has my body feeling very soft. My husband use it also.

    Toy, Flint, Mi.
        I always purchase 2 bottles at a time for my entire family. We all use it daily.

    Angela, California, LA.
        Make sure you get one for your husband. Awesome product!!!

    Sarah, Washington, DC.
        I will never go back to lotion or baby oil gel. This is my product for life!!!